A Season for the Dead by David Hewson

Season for the DeadWhen in Rome…

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It’s always a great pleasure to come across a well-written, intelligent crime book and to know that it’s only the first of a series.

Young detective Nic Costa is first on the scene when a man is shot dead by Vatican security guards. Had he been about to shoot himself or murder his ex-lover, historian Sara Farnese? Nic is drawn into a complex plot involving banking, corruption, Vatican politics…and a lot of increasingly gruesome murders. There is a further complication for Nic when he finds himself falling for the enigmatic Sara.

David Hewson(by Mark Bothwell)
David Hewson
(by Mark Bothwell)

Although the plot moves along at a fair pace, the author also takes time to let us get to know Nic. As the novel starts, he is still a little naïve and idealistic but gradually he comes to recognise that people are not always what they seem. We meet his father, Marco, a communist and atheist, who has clearly been a huge influence on Nic’s life and beliefs but who is now dying. This strand of the book is handled very well, never toppling over into sentimentality or mawkishness.

The Roman setting for the novel adds an extra element of interest. Hewson paints a vivid picture of a tourist-filled city baking in the summer heat and of the simmering resentments between the Roman police and the autonomous Vatican state.A very enjoyable read. I look forward to reading the rest of the series.

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