Legasea by Krystalyn Drown

Legasea‘A sea of troubles…’

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Who is the young girl whose body is found floating in the bay? Why have the Flannigan family returned to the neighbourhood? And why is 16-year-old Aileen’s mother so determined to stop Aileen from learning to swim?

YA fantasy is not my normal reading material for so many reasons. For a start it was way back in the last millennium that I could last honestly call myself a YA. But it’s fun to read something a bit different sometimes, especially when it’s as enjoyable as this book.

Aileen has always been drawn to the sea but after a childhood accident when she was nearly lost, her mother has been dead against her swimming or even going on a boat. Since they live on the shore, this is a pretty big deprivation for Aileen and she’s finding it hard to obey her mother’s strict rules. But when she sneaks off to a party on a yacht, she is horrified when they find the body of a young girl floating in the bay. Suspicion falls on several people in the small town, not least on Aileen’s own family and the families of both her ex-boyfriend, Ian, and her new one, Jamie. And Aileen is soon to learn a secret that her mother has kept from her all these years – a secret that finally explains her fascination with the ocean and the seals that live closeby…

Krystalyn Drown
Krystalyn Drown
Drown writes very well and Aileen is a believable, likeable sixteen-year-old, dealing with the normal things like school and family but also having to face up to the fact that she’s very different from her friends. With the arrival of the mysterious Jamie, Aileen is thrown into all the turmoil of first love and I thought Drown handled the romance aspect very well. Although this is a fairly light read with a lot of fun elements, it also has some dark episodes and on the whole this contrast worked well, although there was one incident which I felt was so dark that it was slightly out of tune with the rest of the novel. Overall, I found this an entertaining, light read, well written, with good characterisation and a nice blend of reality and fantasy. Recommended.

NB This book was provided for review by the publisher, Curiosity Quills, via NetGalley.

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