Strays by Matthew Geyer

Flowing and assured…

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StraysThis is a quiet and rather lovely look at what happens to two people when they discover in mid-life that their marriage has lost its meaning for them. As we follow Barbara and Chase through the next year or so of their lives, we are also taken back in time to see how they became the people they are today – what events, what relationships shaped them. There is a ‘Will they? Won’t they?’ aspect to the book as the reader, along with the characters, wonders whether they will make their way back to each other with a new understanding and appreciation or will the reassessment that each is forced to make take them into new paths.

(Source: Wikimedia)
(Source: Wikimedia)
Although there is a strain of regret and nostalgia running through, the book reads very much like a coming of age tale as Chase and Barbara begin to face life as individuals, forming new friendships and interests and reviving old ones. Geyer’s writing style is flowing and assured, with an excellent use of descriptive language, and his characterisation is very strong. I felt as if I came to know these people and to care what happened to them. The other character that came through strongly is New York itself; Geyer’s observant eye brought the city’s cultural and artistic facets lovingly to life. I understand this is his first novel – I am looking forward very much to seeing how his work develops in the future. Recommended.

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