Six Years by Harlan Coben

Exciting, fast-paced and great fun…

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Publication date – US 19th March 2013/UK 25th April 2013

Six YearsJake Fisher never understood why his one true love Natalie had suddenly dumped him and married another man, but he promises to go along with Natalie’s request to leave them both alone. Six years later, he comes across an obituary notice for Todd, Natalie’s husband, and decides that lets him out of the promise. But sneaking along to the funeral, Jake is stunned to discover that, whoever this grieving widow is, she isn’t Natalie. And so starts the hunt…

In college professor Jake, Harlan Coben has created a very likeable old-fashioned hero, a decent man caught up in extraordinary events and finding that all the things and people he thought he knew might not be what they seemed after all. With twists and turns right up to the end, interesting characters, a complex plot, exciting action sequences and, not least, loads of great humour, Coben is at the top of his game in this standalone thriller. The book is told in the first person from Jake’s perspective and in the best tradition of mystery writing Coben plays fair with the reader – we get all the clues at the same time Jake does, but this reader at least only reached the finish line in a neck-and-neck gallop with Jake.

Harlan Coben
Harlan Coben
Yes, OK, there are some things I could criticise if I was being picky – sometimes 34-year-old Jake came over as a much older man (Coben showing through perhaps?), a bit of a continuity issue around the magically disappearing/reappearing iPhone, and the thriller writer’s best friend, coincidence, did play a fairly big role. But I refuse to be picky – none of that spoiled the sheer enjoyment of this exciting, fast-paced and great fun page-turner. Highly recommended.

NB This book was provided for review by the publisher via NetGalley.

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