Danger in Cat World by Nina Post

Good fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Danger in Cat WorldDetective Shawn Danger is called in to investigate the murders of an heiress…and a tortoise. Shawn already has a cat, but suddenly his house is filling up with other cats, all identical, and there are more of them every hour. Can these mysterious cats be connected in any way with the investigation? Why did the heiress surround herself with a very strange collection of employees? What was behind the experiments she was carrying out in the basement? And why was the tortoise sent to boarding school???

A funny, quirky light-hearted murder mystery with a touch of fantasy, this was a very enjoyable easy read. Shawn and his love-interest are both amusing, attractive characters and the plot hits a nice balance between realism and fantasy. The cats were an added bonus, providing a lot of the humour, and the author gets cat behaviour just right. There was a bit too much unnecessary description for my taste and occasionally there was too much repetition of the facts of the case, but overall this was an entertaining romp, the kind of thing to cheer yourself up with on a grey day. Left me chuckling at the end – particularly at Shawn’s ‘scientific’ explanation for the weird things that had happened. Good fun! And isn’t the cover art great?

NB This review is of a proof copy provided by the publisher.

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